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101 Things to DO in TOKYO | Japan Guide to Secret Hidden Pla... 0    0

Japan Travel Guide: 101 Things to do in Tokyo, Japanese Food options and even local secret hidden places unknown to travelers. This Local Tokyo Guide will show you things to do in Tokyo that no one ev... 12 views

Kanazawa Japan Travel Guide 0    0

A travel guide for visiting the city of Kanazawa in Japan. Kanazawa is most well known for it's well preserved Edo-era streets. Kanazawa was the 2nd largest city (after Kyoto) to escape Air-Raids in... 13 views

Shirakawa-go Historic Village Japan Travel Guide 0    0

A travel guide for visiting the historic farming village of Shirakawa-go in Gifu, Japan. Everything you need to know to visit Shirakawa including How to get there, inside the farm houses, where to ea... 4 views

7 Days Kyushu Japan Travel Vlog - The Land of Snow and Fire! 0    0

7 Days in Kyushu! A travel vlog of our 7-day itinerary in Kyushu Japan. More detailed videos on Kyushu in my Kyushu playlist (link below). Our trip began in Fukuoka. Fukuoka is Kyushu's largest city... 4 views

San Juan, Puerto Rico Travel Guide -- 554 Go or No? 554 Re... 0    0

The Ins and Outs of traveling to San Juan, Puerto Rico with Andrea Feczko and Rachel Rudwall Capital of Puerto Rico, incorporated territory of U.S., and 2nd-oldest European-established city in the A... 5 views

Best Towel for Travel? PackTowl Personal quick-dry microfibe... 0    0

An antimicrobial, microfiber towel—the PackTowl Personal is small enough to fit in your pack, but big enough to bring to the beach and lie out on. View Details & Buy: ... 2 views

contest hotel travel review 0    0

PIXELHUNTER HOTEL REVIEW Contest Make a coment of the holiday destination we should review next! The fast growing independent hotel and resort video reviewer, with houndreds of video reviews from all ... 6 views

Sprigs Banjees Travel Wrist Wallets | Review 0    0

After this travel gear review, I'll be giving away three Sprigs Banjees Wrist Wallets on my site! These are great travel wallets. Visit my site to enter! 3 views

Aer Travel Pack Review: A Great Backpack for Urban One Bag T... 0    0

The Aer Travel Pack is a sleek & good looking—ideally suited for casual, one bag travel and urban adventure. Plus, it’s got some great pack organization. View Details & Buy: http:/... 4 views

Bangkok, Thailand Travel Guide -- 554 Go or No 554 Review ... 0    0

Bangkok, Thailand Travel Guide! Learn where to explore, eat, stay & shop in Bangkok with travel experts Rachel Rudwall and Andrea Feczko. As the classic song claims, "One night in Ba... 5 views

Top Ten Hippie Travel Destinations || 0    0

Let me show you top ten hippie travel desinations. Watch this video and knew about top ten hippie travel destinations. There are ten top hippie travel destinations in this video. Searches related to... 2 views

Travel Destinations where the Rand is Strong 1-2 & Travelsta... 0    0

Whether you love lush rainforests, fast-paced cities, colourful markets or untouched beaches, Travelstart's Emma Verhoeven is here to fire up that wanderlust and bring you an inspiring array of rand-s... 4 views

10 Most Dangerous Holiday Destinations 0    0

It’s summer holiday time, and we’re all looking forward to spending some time kicking back on beach someone. But not every tourist destination is so safe and relaxing. From the deadliest climb in... 6 views

Flores & Komodo National Park - Wonderful Indonesia | Skysca... 0    0

Enjoy the beauty of Flores in Indonesia, an island filled with hidden beaches and diving spots aplenty (including pink sandy coves). Flores is also most famous for its huge population of giant lizards... 10 views

Top 10 Cheap places to travel ✈ Best cheap travel destinat... 0    0

You'l see Top 10 Cheap places to travel, and not spend to much money on it! Cheapest Hotels in 10 Popular Cities: ✈ TOP 10 CHEAP PLACES TO TRAVEL ✈ 1) Venezuela ✈ https:... 2 views