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Interesting Japanese Street Food And Travel Guide In Kamakur... 0    0

Japan travel and food guide in Kamakura. Here are 5 of my recommended interesting and unusual Japanese street food to try in Kamakura. Kamakura is only an hour away from Tokyo and makes a great destin... 11 views

Kyoto - street food at Nishiki Market [ Japan travel guide ] 0    0

Welcome to a new STUFR. I try to give you the best Short Travel Unique Food Reviews, therefore the name STUFR. If you love food and like to travel, then keep watching. I will travel the world and tell... 9 views

The Best Ramen in Japan | Travel and Food Vlog 0    0

In Kamikawa, we had the best Ramen in Japan! Check out my Japan photography on IG at @brendanvanson. Ramen in Japan is what we do! And, it's funny, because when we came here we kind of thought the fo... 8 views

Japanese Street Food Tour in Asakusa (浅草) | Tokyo, Japan 0    0

Come join us for a Japanese Street Food Tour in Asakusa (浅草) area of Tokyo, Japan as we sample numerous sweet and savory items. We've thoroughly enjoyed sampling Tokyo Street Food on this particul... 4 views


JAPANESE ICE CREAM!! Travel vlog| August 7th, 2016 Explore With Me - Yesterdays Video - Tomorrows Video - One Year Ago... 3 views