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Japan Guide : Japanese Holidays 2016 [Japan Travel Guide] 0    0

Japan Guide: Japanese Holidays 2016 [Japan Travel Guide] I talk about Japanese Holidays in 2016 in Japan. Hope this will help you plan to travel to Japan. H... 16 views

Osaka Restaurant: YAKINIKU 焼肉: Japan Travel Guide for Os... 0    0

Osaka Restaurant: Yakiniku 焼肉:Travel Japan Guide: for Osaka Trip: Please share this video if it's useful to your friend or the person you know!!! Here are the details: ... 12 views

Japan Travel Guide: Shibuya 0    0

Here is your introduction to Tokyo’s most energetic district: Shibuya! Click here to get ALL your FREE Japanese online resources: ↓ Check How Below ↓ Step 1: Go to https:/... 9 views

Japan Travel Guide | BEST TIPS 0    0

Are you interested in traveling to Japan? YES. Japan is really tourist-friendly so I'm certain you'll have a great time and I hope my travel tips come in handy :) Let me know what you thought of it in... 10 views

Top 20 Travel Phrases You Should Know in Japanese - Vocabula... 0    0

Finally Get Fluent in Japanese with PERSONALIZED Lessons. Get Your Free Lifetime Account: In this lesson, you'll learn 20 travel words and phrases you should know in Japanese. Y... 4 views


FI you are wondering, yes we stopped making YouTube videos but we never stopped traveling and created one of the most unique sound libraries in the world! Check it out! Fo... 3 views

Japan Travel Guide: 10 Things you need to know Before Coming... 0    0

Travel Japan Guide: 10 Thing you need to know before coming to Japan : Please share this video if it's useful to your friend or the person you know!!! Here are the details:... 7 views

Everything You Need to Know for your Nagasaki, Japan Trip 20... 0    0

First World Traveller is back with his first Japan Video with Nagasaki Basics. Are you planning a trip to Nagasaki in 2017 and need to know everything from a Nagasaki travel guide, budget accommodatio... 5 views