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My First Travel Vlog! Kon'nichiwa from Japan! 0    0

Fashion and travel blogger Kat Tanita of With Love From Kat takes you on her trip to Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan. Watch to see inside the world's most beautiful hotels, best restaurants, shrines, temples,... 13 views

Kyoto and Nara ~~Japan Travel Vlog 0    0

Travel Diary from Kyoto and Nara, Japan | things to do in Japan SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE TRAVEL/FOOD TASTING/COLLEGE VIDEOS! _________ Be my friend ♥ Instagram: ______... 19 views

Kiyomizu-dera temple and gardens, Kyoto, Japan travel video 0    0

Kiyomizu-dera is the most popular temple in all of Kyoto, Japan. The main hall is the most spectacular single item here. It’s up on large wooden stilts and designated as a national treasure. Lar... 3 views

A Journey In Japan | Ep1: Tokyo to Kyoto 0    0

We go on a one month backpacking adventure around Japan in this travel documentary. In this 2 part documentary series we travel to Japan for the very first time. We will be travelling there for on... 5 views

10 Best Places to Visit in Kyoto! | Japan Travel Guide 0    0

Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over a millennium, and it still carries a reputation as the nation’s most beautiful city. The countless temples, shrines and historical structures are both fascina... 11 views

Kyoto Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia 0    0

Kyoto, Japan, has long been considered one of the country’s most beautiful cities. Once the capital of the nation, Kyoto is now an ultra-modern haven that retains a great deal of its ancient charm. ... 7 views

???????? Kyoto Travel Guide ???????? | Travel better in JAPA... 0    0

Welcome to our ???????? Kyoto Travel Guide ????????! You're in the right place to find out EVERYTHING you need to know start your own Japanese adventure! We'll cover how to get to Kyoto from the UK, ... 4 views

30 Things to do in Taipei, Taiwan Travel Guide 0    0

Come join us as we visit Taipei (臺北市) in this travel guide covering the best 30 things to do in Taipei, Taiwan (中華民國). When it comes to dynamic cities in Asia worth visiting Taipei may b... 2 views

25 Things To Do in Tokyo, Japan (Watch This Before You Go) 0    0

Get info about things to do, where to stay, and the best food to eat on your visit to Tokyo, Japan. Here's the guide: Tokyo (東京), Ja... 2 views

Tainan Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia 0    0

Venture to Tainan and explore Taiwan’s oldest city. Known as “The Birthplace of Taiwan,” Tainan invites you to gain an appreciation for the local history. First, visit the historic quarter of An... 8 views

Hong Kong Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia 0    0 Hong Kong, a former British territory, is one of the most densely populated places in China and in the world. You’ll find quiet n... 6 views


JAPAN TRAVEL GUIDE | 15 THINGS TO DO IN HIROSHIMA, JAPAN - If you're planning a Japan trip in 2018, Hiroshima is place that needs to be on your Japan Itinerary! In this video I give you 15 Things to D... 7 views