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Japan's Least Populated Prefecture | Tottori Prefecture Travel Guide
Tottori Prefecture is a hidden gem of Japan and an off the beaten path place to visit but it's definitely one of my top 3 favourite prefectures in Japan!!! I can't wait to share with you what I did in Tottori Prefecture in 4 days and just how underrated this place is.... :(

You can get to Tottori easily via direct flights from Tokyo(Haneda or Narita Airport), direct buses depart from all over Japan's major cities and of course you can take the limited express train (Super Hakuta) from many areas such as Kyoto and Osaka.

Here are the places I visited in the video:
More detailed info here:

- Mitaki-en Restaurant (Japanese seasonal Sansai cuisine)
- Clear Kayaking at Uradome Coast
- Takumi Shabu Shabu Restaurant
- Totori Sand Dunes
- Sankouen Pear Orchard
- Tottori Sand Museum
- Karoichi Fish Market
- Misasa Onsen Hot Spring Town

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